Chapter Campigns

Community Service: COVID-19 Style

If anyone knows how to participate in community service, it's DECA members! Even in the middle of a pandemic, we continue to create new, socially-distanced ways to impact our communities.

Ten Ideas for Collegiate DECA Freshman Recruitment

Collegiate DECA offers incredible opportunities for members, and every year dedicated officers aim to increase membership. However, it can be a struggle to think of new, creative ways to recruit new students. To help, explore these ten great ways to increase membership.

Chapter Campaign Guidebook for 2020-2021 Now Available

The 2020-2021 DECA chapter campaigns are here to help you start your year off strong! Engage your community and grow membership by participating in DECA’s five chapter campaigns. This updated guidebook will help your team navigate each campaign in both a virtual and in-person school setting.

How to Raise Your Membership to the #NextLevel

As we enter a new year, it's time to get excited about membership recruitment! We know this year is going to look different, so here are some tips for taking your recruitment efforts to the #NextLevel!

Six Ways to Celebrate #CTEMonth

Each February, students, educators and administrators raise awareness of career and technical education (CTE) by celebrating Career and Technical Education Month® . So how can you celebrate CTE Month and show support for DECA and your school’s program? These are the…

2019-2020 Chapter Campaign Winners Announced

DECA members are starting 2020 off strong with an impressive number of chapters crushing their campaign goals. Congratulations to the chapters who took this year’s theme #HereWeGo by storm and participated in chapter campaigns! Below, you’ll find the lists of…

Are You Ready for the DECA Idea Challenge?

DECA is excited to announce another year of the DECA Idea Challenge, a fast-paced experiential learning exercise that dares students of all ages to find an innovative use for a commonplace item in mere days! Once revealed, students must generate a…

Your Chapter's Best Year Yet

A NEW SCHOOL YEAR BRINGS A FRESH START. No matter your goals for the year, membership is the foundation of every DECA chapter. It’s important to plan ahead to reach potential new members and find innovative ways to engage your…

Back to School and Back to DECA

It’s that time of the year again when members and advisors are heading back to school! Although it may not be the most exciting time of the year for everyone, there are several reasons to be energized for the year…

Go Get Recognized in Chapter Campaigns!

School is in session and the 2019-2020 DECA chapter campaigns are here! Start the year off strong by participating in one or more of DECA’s five chapter campaigns that encourage students to engage your community and grow membership. Each campaign…

DECA Announces the 2019 Advocacy Campaign Recipients

February was Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, leading many DECA chapters to raise their voices in their schools, communities and associations to advocate on behalf of DECA and CTE through completing DECA’s Advocacy Campaign.

2018-2019 Chapter Campaign Winners Announced

Congratulations again to all of our chapters who participated in chapter campaigns this year and have taken advantage of how DECA makes you #ReadyForIt. Announcing the winners of the 2018-2019 Chapter Campaigns.

DECA Chapter Campaign Submission Site Now Open

The Chapter Campaign submission site is now open! You have been working hard on your community service, promotional, and entrepreneurship activities, and we are excited to hear all about your successful campaigns within your chapter.

Ready For It: 2018-2019 Calendar

Are you ready for it?  Download the latest high school DECA calendar for the 2018-2019 school year! Download calendar here. It has key dates, including conferences and deadlines, and will continue to be updated as additional dates are confirmed. The official calendar will be published…

Advocacy on Capitol Hill at #CDECAICDC

The Advocacy on Capitol Hill Orientation and Training, which will be offered for the first time this year at #CDECAICDC, offers a unique opportunity to develop your advocacy skills and engage with your representatives in Congress.

2018 Advocacy Campaign Recipients

February was Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, leading many DECA chapters to raise their voices in their schools, communities and associations to advocate on behalf of DECA and CTE through completing DECA’s Advocacy Campaign.

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