Workshops for the Leaders of Tomorrow

Dec 15, 2022

Contributed by Charles Barnett | Cypress Bay DECA, FL

Within the confines of DECA’s mission statement, preparing emerging leaders is what this organization is all about. Here, at Cypress Bay High School, our officers take significant strides in preparing members for their futures through a series of events to develop students' personal and professional knowledge. 

This year our career development team, led by executive council officer Ivette Barger and veteran members Sofia Lisman and Vivian Lopez, has been working hard to create events that can prepare members for their future careers by focusing on the development of tactical skills, such as how to format a resume, how to excel at public speaking and how to work with design platforms such as Canva. 

Their first workshop of the year was a huge success dedicated to preparing students to “Get the Job!” they want. This workshop focused on public speaking and resume-building skills and gave students a sneak peek at the information they can gain from our Leaders of Tomorrow project. 

However, this was only the beginning of our career development team. Up next, they have a workshop dedicated to teaching students how to create appealing and professional designs on Canva, which they can apply to their academic and professional lives by using the knowledge they gain from this event to prepare presentations, resumes, business cards and more! 

“DECA prepares emerging leaders…” is the beginning of our mission statement, and it is thanks to projects like Leaders of Tomorrow that this mission rings true. Want to learn more about Cypress Bay’s career development team? Follow their social media: @leadersoftomorrow22, where they aspire to inspire chapters worldwide to take strides toward preparing their members for professional success!

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