Utilizing Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses

March 2, 2023

When looking for a job, you may feel as if you’re not qualified if you don’t fit every qualification that the job calls for. It can be easy to get discouraged but know that it’s okay not to be perfect! Many job interviewers look to see not only that you can do the job well, but that you are willing to learn and have the capability to grow and improve your skills and the company in the process.

So how do you show your growth potential? You’ll want to tackle three main points: your good trait, your weakness/trait that needs work and your learned experiences.

In any good interview, you will want to highlight your strengths the most. It’s important to use them often but try to find unique perspectives with them. Remember, you’re looking to stand out, so finding ways to get them to remember you as a person is vital.

Next is your weakness or your “needs work” trait. Your weaknesses are just as important as your strengths to show that you’re not a robot and know how you can work on them throughout your time working in that position. When talking about your weakness, make sure to emphasize the positive more than the negative. This can be done by utilizing the Positivity Sandwich Technique. When answering, start positive, lead into the weakness and then end on a positive note, so the positive outweighs the negative.

Finally, you have your learned experiences. Most, if not all questions you answer should have or tell a story about who you are. Using past experiences in answers, even if unconventional, can help you connect yourself to the interview and bring out more positive traits as you talk about what you learned. The nice thing is that you can talk about triumphs and errors because showing interviewers that you have changed for the better and hope to continue to grow says a lot about you as a candidate.

No matter what competition you face in the future, we know that you are ready to Get The Edge by using your strengths and weaknesses in unique ways to stand out above the rest. With DECA’s 21st-century skill-building, we know that you be successful in whatever you set your mind to!


Danielle Poulin
Western Region Vice President

Danielle Poulin is a three-year DECA member from Puyallup Senior High School in Washington. Since joining DECA as a sophomore, she has been inspired by the organization’s members and is passionate about helping them reach their goals. As DECA’s Western Region Vice President, she is excited to serve and connect with others. She is currently studying at Pacific Lutheran University as an honors student majoring in international business. Her dream is to own a business that gives back to her community. With passions for theatre, band and supporting small businesses, Danielle puts her heart and soul into everything she does. As a leader, she knows that every voice is equal and she strives to ensure that members feel like they belong and can achieve anything they put their mind to accomplishing.

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