Utah Collegiate DECA Hosts Fall Leadership Conference

Dec 20, 2021

Utah Collegiate DECA members attended their association's annual Fall Leadership Conference in November. Here are three key takeaways that members gained by participating.

1. Connection is Key

To kick off the conference in a fun and exciting way, members participated in a photo scavenger hunt. Each chapter was provided with a list of challenges that they were tasked to complete and document through photos and videos. Challenges included tasks such as showing your most unique DECA Diamond or teaching your chapter a new dance. At the end of the scavenger hunt, each chapter's photos and videos were compiled into a slide show for all to view. This activity provided an outlet for members to connect with each other and develop new friendships.

2. Harness Your Passions

Utah Collegiate DECA had the pleasure of hosting Collegiate DECA Vice President, Tyler Jeppsen, as a keynote speaker. Tyler presented a workshop about unleashing your passions in business. Tyler shared that "discovering your passion is the most important thing you will ever discover about yourself." It is incredibly important to recognize what you are passionate about and harness that passion in your profession. Tyler shared a framework for discovering your passions and creating a strategic career plan that left members feeling ready to take on post-grad life.

3. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

To prepare for the upcoming competition season, the Fall Leadership Conference featured a case study competition sponsored by a local business. Attendees were split into teams composed of different chapter's members and were challenged to create a marketing strategy targeting college students. Through this challenge, members learned how to adapt to a new team environment, produce a plan under time constraints and utilize team members' unique strengths. At the end of the competition, both new and returning members were equipped with a valuable set of teamwork skills.


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