Unlocking Success with DECA’s Leadership Passport Progam

Oct 1, 2023

Leadership Passports are due February 15, 2024.

The year is off to a great start! You’ve hosted recruitment events, interest meetings and welcomed new Collegiate DECA members into your chapter with open arms… so, now what? Competitions are months away, and you need a way to keep your members excited and engaged NOW. What if there was a way to do just that and receive recognition at the International Career Development Conference just for doing it? Look no further than Collegiate DECA’s Leadership Passport Program!

What is the Leadership Passport Program?

The Collegiate DECA Leadership Passport Program encourages individual members, chapters and associations to plan activities and participate in events that enhance members’ experiences. The Leadership Passport Program rewards actions taken by members, chapters and associations that build personal and professional skill sets focused on helping members be academically prepared, community-oriented, professionally responsible and experienced leaders.

What Do I Have to Do?

Specific requirements for the Leadership Passport Program will vary depending on which path you decide to follow: Individual, Chapter, or Association. Each path will require you to complete tasks in four categories: Academically Prepared, Community-oriented, Professionally Responsible and Experienced Leaders. Again, the scope of these activities will vary depending on which path you choose. By utilizing the activities curated with DECA’s guiding principles, you can look forward to gaining a well-rounded college/university experience by completing this program.

Collegiate DECA’s Leadership Passport Program offers a unique blend of skill development, career exploration, networking opportunities, and community service that prepares participants for success in the global marketplace. By participating in this program, you will not only enhance your leadership abilities but also gain a competitive advantage in pursuing your educational and career goals. Collegiate DECA’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders makes the Leadership Passport Program a valuable stepping stone toward a bright and successful future. Let’s get started!


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