Top Five Collegiate DECA Moments of 2020

December 28, 2020

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least! Conducting almost everything virtually comes with many challenges, but also provides countless opportunities to get creative and engage members in new ways. Now, anyone can join meetings and events from anywhere, including guest speakers and other chapters. We need to continue focusing on the positives of being virtual and keep helping one another find success.

Here's a look back at the five greatest (virtual) moments from 2020!

Collegiate DECA ICDC Week

While we wish we could have met up in Atlanta, Collegiate DECA ICDC Week was our chance to come together online and celebrate the accomplishments of Collegiate DECA’s members, chapters and advisors from all around the world. The week was filled with recognition and several virtual social events and sessions.

Collegiate DECA's Membership Video

Members across the globe virtually participated in the creation of this year's membership video. After watching the finished product, one specific message stuck out to me—DECA members are a family. Even virtually, members can build connections and continue doing what they love.

October's #OneDiamond Call

Beginning in September, the executive officers created a member-centric experience with new #OneDiamond Calls. These monthly, interactive calls provide members the opportunity to learn, collaborate and connect as part of the DECA community. During October's call, we featured Debbie Phillips from Quadrillion who discussed the most significant components of being effective leaders in the business world.

Virtual Chapter Leader Training

In October, Collegiate DECA hosted three days of training for chapter leaders. The first session focused on personal leadership training, giving members insight into their own leadership style. The second session discussed chapter strategy and how to develop a more successful chapter. On the third day, two ICDC winners presented a competition train-the-trainer session. Participants can now effectively introduce competitive events to their chapter and train them for success. If you missed it, recordings of these sessions can be found on DECA Connect (Click on Past Events).

Virtual ENGAGE

For the 2020 ENGAGE Conference sponsored by Walgreens, Matt Muleners of FOCUS Training presented interactive sessions on personal finance, career coaching, and diversity and inclusion. During the first session, members learned about the realities of borrowing money, planning for retirement and how to handle specific finance dilemmas. Personally, I found this session extremely helpful as I am not well-versed in personal finance. Then, students learned about the many resources available for career coaching and how to take advantage of those opportunities. The last session informed members about the importance of diversity and inclusion within the workplace. If you were not able to attend in-person you can view the recording on DECA Connect.

This year has been filled with successful virtual events that engaged members and brought success to an array of chapters. We can't wait to see what the year 2021 holds for Collegiate DECA!


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