Top Collegiate DECA Moments to Look Forward to in the New Year

Jan 1, 2022

The new year represents the turning of a new leaf, with abundant opportunities and chances for improvement. Through DECA’s competitive event series, scholarship program and educational conferences, members will have many opportunities to maximize their success.

Check out what we have in store for the months ahead!

January 14, 2022: DECA Scholarship Deadline

Every Collegiate DECA member has the opportunity to apply for over $200,000 in scholarships available from DECA Inc. and its partners. Nearly all scholarships are merit-based and open to members regardless of grade level. Apply by January 14 for your chance to earn a scholarship and be recognized during ICDC!

January 24, 2022: Stock Market Game Session Two Begins

Session Two of the Collegiate DECA Stock Market Game begins on January 24 and will conclude on April 8, the day before the Opening Session of ICDC in Baltimore! In the Stock Market Game, members have the opportunity to build and manage a portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. In teams of one to three, members will compete against each other to see who can end the simulation with the highest value in their portfolio.

February 15, 2022: Leadership Passport Program Submission Deadline

The Leadership Passport Program encourages members, chapters and associations to plan events and activities that enhance the experiences of members. By completing the requirements, members will enhance their leadership skills and prepare themselves for future success. Members, chapters, and associations earning the various levels will be recognized on DECA Direct Online and during the Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference.

April 9-12, 2022: Collegiate DECA International Career Development Conference

Our year will culminate with the first in-person ICDC in three years! The event will take place at the Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore, Maryland. During ICDC, members will have the ability to test their knowledge and competitive acumen through Collegiate DECA’s Competitive Events program in their attempt to win DECA Glass. Don’t miss your chance to re-connect with more than 1,500 members from around the world at ICDC!


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