Tips to Land the Job

January 18, 2020

Being a student balancing classwork, sports, clubs, etc. can be overwhelming at times. For most students, landing a job is a crucial moment in their life which can become aggravating when you don’t know how to apply or what is needed to get a job. Throughout this article, I will give you some personal tips that have helped me land jobs in the past.

Research the Job

The most important aspect that goes into landing a job is knowing exactly what a company stands for and what the position entails. The majority of companies have websites that include an “about us” section and a mission statement. It’s important to read any details that are written about the company so you can show your interest.

Craft Your Resume

Showing off a resume with a ton of work experience is awesome, but companies really want to know what will benefit them. When interviewing, elaborate on how you can apply the soft skills that you’ve acquired. For example, if you’re applying for a finance position, it’s still okay to list that you worked as a waiter. You can spin it like this: “I worked as a waiter for two years at a local restaurant which has helped me develop the ability to talk confidently with customers.” Make sure to limit your resume to one page and include important information that will benefit you.

Maintain Composure

Stay calm! Everything will be okay as long as you stay relaxed, confident and focused. It’s okay to feel nervous, but practice makes perfect. The key to interviewing with a company is to have a quality handshake, eye contact and posture. If you’re willing to impress the interviewer, they will see that you could be an asset to their company. Be sure to ask questions if you’re unsure about anything. That shows you care about the position and want to know more.

Follow Up

Following up with a company is critical. If you don’t land the job, it still shows respect to thank them for the opportunity to meet. The most important aspect of applying for jobs is to show respect and to believe in yourself. By doing this, it is more likely companies will know you are interested and want to hire you. They are seeking employees that are the right fit for the job, and ones who are willing to work hard and represent their company well.


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