3 Tips for Surviving Your Virtual Final Exams

Dec 3, 2020

It is hard to believe that the first semester is already coming to a close, but alas, the time has come. In a world of virtual classes, most exams also look different this year, but having effective study habits is just as important as ever. Here are three tips to be successful on your virtual final exams.

1. Be Prepared

It is easy to not take virtual final exams as seriously as their in-person counterparts. Being able to prepare and study as much as you would for an in-person exam is paramount to being successful.

2. Eliminate Distractions

Most of us do not have the luxury of having an office in our college living situation. If you do not have your own desk, be sure that you find a place, such as your kitchen table, where you can sit up straight and simulate an in-person classroom experience. Inform all of the people that you live with of the date and time of all of your final exams so that they will be able to not interrupt you.

3. Group Study

One of the best ways to test your knowledge on any given subject is to teach someone else the material. Working with other members of your class is a great way to rotate teaching each other chapters from your class.

Please share what final exam tips you have for a virtual school year in the comment section below or on DECA Connect! Someone else in Collegiate DECA is likely taking the same or a similar class! Being able to use your DECA connections as studying resources allows you to have a greater perspective on the subject material.


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