3 Creative Ways to Recognize Your Chapter’s Competitive Event Finalists

February 28, 2021

Association conference season is in full swing and we all know what that means… it’s DECA Glass season! To take competitive event finalist recognition to the #NextLevel this year, we have to think outside of the box. Here are three ways that your chapter can get creative to do just that!

1. Spotlights on Social Media

Social media is a fun and easy way to recognize SCDC finalists. You can utilize Instagram stories or make permanent posts on your chapter’s account sharing the finalists in each competition category. You can even spread out the recognition and announce a few each week on #FinalistFriday leading up to ICDC. Share finalists’ names and photos or even make a challenge for them to submit reaction videos of them learning about their competition success. There are limitless possibilities to recognizing finalists on social media!

2. Host a Watch Party

For associations hosting a live or on-demand awards ceremony, get your chapter together to watch online or in-person. This is a great way to keep up the excitement and instantly be able to celebrate your chapter’s success. If in-person, you could even incorporate your own “awards stage” photo booth area.

3. Deliver Awards In Style

If a trophy or medallion is awarded to members, make the delivery of their awards a big deal as it would be at an in-person conference. For chapters meeting in-person, have a socially-distanced medal party where finalists can receive their awards and celebrate. For those in a distanced learning setting, host a drive-by award distribution or go house-to-house to deliver awards.

DECA members are always on top of finding new, innovative ways to accomplish their goals, so why would recognizing association conference finalists be any different?! Best of luck to everyone competing this year! I hope to see you participating during #DECAICDC!

Photo credit: Urbana High School, Ohio


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