The Three R’s: Remember, Reward, Recognize

Sep 1, 2023

With recruitment season right around the corner, our main focus is on gaining new members. However, once members join, we must show them our appreciation for staying involved despite their busy schedules and motivate them to continue their involvement with DECA. Below are some ideas for how to remember, reward and recognize new and existing members!

Member of the Month Award

Recognize a different member each month. This can be their organizational involvement, positive attitude in meetings or anything your team finds valuable for a DECA member in your chapter. Highlighting different types of involvement and behaviors through monthly recognition will incentivize members to continue their input and participation in the organization.

DECA Merchandise Rewards

Everybody loves some free merch in college. I’ve seen people attend events, compete in challenges and more for a chance to win a free college t-shirt or mug. Gifting new and highly involved members’ DECA merch is a great way to incentivize involvement and gain free marketing for DECA as they display their merch around campus.

Handwritten Notes

I know I like to keep all the handwritten notes and birthday cards I’ve ever received, and I’m sure others do the same. Handwritten notes are a touching and cost-free way to show new members how much we value their organizational participation.

Social Media Shoutout

This is a great way to recognize members while posting content to help fill your social media calendar! Have members share their personal answers to questions about DECA, such as, “What has been your favorite moment with the organization?”, “How do you believe your involvement will help you in college and your future career?” and more!

Virtual Presentation with the Executive Team

Set up a time for the executive officer team to virtually visit and recognize your chapter and its members. This is an opportunity to show members how their involvement plays a part in DECA on the international level. The executive officer team is also always excited to meet members, speak about DECA and answer any questions they may have! You can request a virtual chapter visit here.

Members of any organization find further value when they feel they are appreciated. DECA is an organization that values its members and emphasizes the importance of building a community of goal-oriented and kind leaders. Recognizing members is just one of the ways that we can reinforce this to our members and start the year on a strong note.


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