The #DECAATTProject Provides Creative Mentorship Opportunities

November 4, 2021

Through a collaboration with AT&T, the #DECAATTProject connects DECA chapters with dedicated AT&T employee volunteers to provide unique and creative mentorship that reaches the at-risk student population. With AT&T’s support, DECA students are granted beyond-the-classroom experiences catered to career and college readiness which provide industry insights that will stay with students beyond high school graduation.

In the 2020-2021 school year, the AT&T mentorship reached #NextLevel heights as members utilized the virtual space to collaborate with employees on reinventing websites, pitch marketing ideas and participate in virtual field trips.

Learn more about this project, made possible by AT&T, and the impact the mentorship has on DECA students across the globe through the Annual Report.


Diane Pruner
Grants Program Director

As DECA’s grants program director, Diane serves as the liaison with DECA’s premier grant partners and works closely with DECA chapters who have been selected as recipients of the grants. Diane has worked for DECA since 2015.

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