That is SO Fetch with Georgia DECA

Jan 17, 2024

Contributed by Karlie Kandul and Bobby Gillespie | Georgia DECA

Based on the beloved 2004 classic, “That is SO Fetch” utilizes the Mean Girls movie plot to strengthen DECA members' conflict resolution skills. This workshop created by the Georgia DECA Executive Officer team has been presented at Georgia DECA’s Fall Leadership Development Conference and the Ultimate DECA Power Trip to get audiences feeling "Fetch!"

Conflict is inevitable, whether in DECA, your personal life, or the workplace. Learning how to de-escalate and manage conflict is an essential skill every person should know.

The "That is SO Fetch" workshop addressed the following conflict resolution steps:

  • Understanding Conflict
  • Communicating with the Opposition
  • Brainstorming Possible Resolutions
  • Choosing the Best Resolution
  • Using a Third-party Mediator
  • Exploring Alternatives
  • Learning to Cope with Stressful Situations and Pressure Tactics

The workshop began with the presenters asking broad questions to grasp the audience’s initial attention. Questions such as “Raise your hand if you have ever seen the Mean Girls movie,” followed by “Raise your hand if you know a ‘Mean Girl’ in real life,” help build a personal connection with audience members during the workshop.

After initial audience questions were asked, the presenters briefly described common conflict resolution strategies that are frequently utilized.

The audience is then asked to split up into groups of six to eight. Once groups settle down, one random group member is given a character description card. The member who received the character card was asked to keep it a secret from the other group members. On the card are character traits and a description of a random character from the movie Mean Girls. Group members given a character card are to assume that character’s personality for the following group task. Whether members were chosen as Regina George, Karen Smith or even Janis Ian, it was their turn to transform themselves into that character and interact with their group members.

Each group was tasked with planning a standard fundraising event within their chapter - but the selected “character” had to intervene in the way their character card described. This resulted in some groups getting into altercations, getting off-topic, not being productive or facing other issues. Still, when the timer was up, it was time to reveal the character they were interacting with and how to get to the root of the problem within their conflict.

Presenters asked group members how their selected teammate intervened in their planning and what conflict was created. The presenters asked questions like “How did the character affect group discussions?” and “How did you de-escalate the situation?”.

After hearing from group members, the Georgia DECA team presented their research and recommended a strategy to best resolve conflict with these types of personalities. Audience members left this workshop with smiles and a whole new set of conflict management skills under their belt, paired with a new outlook on dealing with conflict on a personal and professional level.

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