Ten Tips for Back to School

September 22, 2020

As the new school year begins, we must all learn to adapt to a new world. We'll encounter many online classes, virtual events and new guidelines for campus... To help you navigate it all, here is a list of ten tips for starting this school year strong.

  1. Prioritize: Though many of your classes may take place online, be sure to prioritize. This does not only mean studying, doing homework and attending classes. You must also prioritize your mental and physical health, work, activities and spending time with friends and family. Take the time to do well in school, but do not overstress or overschedule yourself.
  2. Organize Your Schedule: As classes begin, understand your school schedule. Know which classes are online, hybrid and in-person. All students are jumping into a new way of learning and it may be difficult to get into a new routine. After you've figured out your ideal study schedule, add in your other involvements, work and any other priorities.
  3. Come Prepared: This may seem obvious, but you never know what you may forget when starting school again. This includes school supplies, textbooks, reading the syllabus beforehand and all dorm materials (if heading back to campus). Remember extra cleaning supplies and masks!
  4. Get Involved: To start the school year strong, get involved on campus. This will most likely be more difficult than ever, but universities will have a plan to continue student involvement. Remember to sign up for virtual events and involvement fairs.
  5. Understand New Campus Rules: Obviously, there are many new rules and expectations this year. Remember to read through important school emails and guidelines to understand new campus rules, and always stay safe.
  6. Studying Habits: You may already know your studying habits and what exactly works for you. However, keep in mind where you can effectively study. Certain school areas may be closed or have limited capacity (such as the library), so it is recommended to be aware of where and how you will be able to study.
  7. Get to Know Your Roommates: If you have new roommates this year, try to get to know them beforehand. Split items to bring, know what you have in common, and if possible, try to meet before the semester begins. Be open to new friends and types of people!
  8. Organize Your Living Space: As the year begins, you may be stressed with your academic and campus responsibilities. To combat this, create an organized and efficient living area. If you are at home or commuting, organize your bedroom beforehand and be sure to have an effective study space. If you choose to live on campus, make a conscious effort to keep your living space clean and organized.
  9. Be Safe: Be aware of all safety procedures and rules. Wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, wash your hands and avoid large gatherings. College is meant to be fun, but please adapt to the current situation and maintain a safe environment for yourself and others.
  10. Stay Positive: Always stay positive, no matter the circumstances. Education will be different this year, and online learning may be more difficult for some. But it is important to make the very best out of the current situation, focus on your education and exploring new opportunities.

Have a great year!


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