Taylor Swift Would Love ELS

Jun 5, 2023

As DECA enters its new era, we look back on previous years and envision the memories we want to continue to make. We have a hunger for impact and strive to make friendships that will last beyond DECA. There is no better way to start a new era than through attending a conference that emphasizes the importance of all three of these things – in fact, Miss Taylor Swift herself promotes the core goals of the DECA’s Emerging Leader Summit (ELS).

ELS is an intensive three-day leadership development conference for chartered association officers and chapter officers across DECA. This year’s ELS will take place in Tysons, VA from July 7-9. Here are some goals that both ELS and Miss Swift have in common.

“When I walk in the room / I can still make the whole place shimmer”

Being a leader ultimately comes down to taking the responsibility of leading your group forward as one, but being able to distinguish yourself as a leader is much more than a title. During your time at ELS you will be guided through finding your public speaking voice, learn to convert your passion into confidence and reflect upon your DECA story.

“I polish up real, I polish up real nice”

The time following ICDC and into the new DECA year is the most critical time of the year for forming team bonds, a program of leadership and learning how to present yourself. The various speakers and workshops are directly catered towards uprising leaders, teaching you how to navigate team dynamics, how to plan your program of leadership responsibly and how to ensure you are properly presenting yourself in a professional manner.

“So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it / You've got no reason to be afraid”

Over the course of the three days, you will meet some of the most passionate, kind and driven individuals, sparking an instant connection with them. Don’t be afraid to take the step to exchange social media and contact information, because once all is said and done one of the most valuable aspects of DECA is the friendships you create, the memories you make and the connections you carry into your future.

The Emerging Leader Summit offers an unforgettable experience, with learning opportunities and insightful moments awaiting at every turn. To learn how to shimmer like a jewel, polish your knowledge and skills as a leader, and create long-lasting connections and friendships, make sure to reserve a spot on your calendar for the Emerging Leader Summit. We all love and have seen our DECA blue, “just think of the fun things we could do” in Tysons!


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