Size Up Your Future Employer to Boost Your Career Opportunities

Oct 15, 2023

Job retention continues to be a topic of great interest for both employees and employers within the workplace. Gone are the days when employees expect to stay with one company for decades, and most employers anticipate high turnover too. So, what can organizations do to help their employees stay? And what can employees look for if they want to find and stay with an organization for more than a few years?  It’s all about meeting needs!

Professional Development

Smart employers invest in the professional development of their employees. This can look different depending on the industry and job function. Organizations invest in their employees in many ways to make them feel valued, help them grow in their careers and stay satisfied with their current job/organization.  As emerging entrants to the workforce, professional development and growth opportunities should be top of mind when interviewing for jobs and planning for your future.

Many employers provide funding for or access to professional development. This could be a small benefit that helps to fund the cost of a certification or test. These can help employees boost their skills within their current role or help them on their path toward a promotion. It could also be more involved and provide partial funding through tuition reimbursement for a graduate degree or certificate program. Both options show an employee that the company values them and wants to see them grow, ideally with their current organization.  


Another way employers support retention and growth is through mentorship. From an employee’s first day, it is important for them to feel like they have someone they can rely on for processes, culture and more. While supervisors can sometimes fill this role, having someone else within the organization to provide this info or be an additional voice can also be great. Many organizations build this into onboarding/orientation processes to help new employees feel guided and valued. A mentor can also be external to their current organization and guide them on the next steps in their careers. Connecting with industry leaders or individuals who have taken similar paths is a great way for employees to see a way to their future. It can also help them take the required next steps to reach their goals.

Ensuring job expectations and reality are aligned is a great way to ensure a good fit. Even the best job description may paint an inaccurate picture of what a job will look like daily. Please take advantage of career websites, job boards and company websites; and do your homework to learn about the industry, the role and what other employees say about their experience.


AHLA Foundation

The AHLA Foundation, the charitable giving arm of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, is dedicated to helping people build careers, improve their lives and strengthen the lodging industry. We provide impactful solutions that drive the recruitment, retention and development of individuals for life-long careers in hospitality. The Foundation is funded by grants and charitable contributions from generous individuals and organizations who want to support individuals seeking opportunities to thrive in the hotel and lodging industry.

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