7 Tips to Help You Ace Your Role-play

January 9, 2015

For first-year DECA members, figuring out what to do in a role-play can be daunting.

Fortunately, these tips can help both first-year and veteran members ace their scenario!

1. Understand Performance Indicators

Learn your performance indicators! Not only is this a crucial part of your score, but the test is based on what you will learn by studying them. Being prepared will help you be confident and impress your judge.

2. Study Exam Questions

The exam is just like one in school: the more you study, the better you'll do. Practicing questions will familiarize you with questions and aid in eliminating nerves while taking the exam. Try to set some time apart weekly to practice questions, and increase the frequency as you get closer to a conference.

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

The most important rule when preparing for anything is to practice. Use a practice prompt to simulate a role-play. Have a friend be the judge, and then ask for feedback after you've finished. This is a great way to find areas where you can improve.

4. Make a Chart

A chart is a great way to organize information and support you while you're presenting to a judge. One method of sorting the information involves folding a piece of paper into eighths. Practice and tweak it to see what works best for you!

5. Create a Visual

A visual supplement helps you retain information and make an impression on your judge. It doesn't have to be too fancy, but try to be clear and neat. Make sure it's something that will interest the judge, but won't distract them from what you're saying.

6. Engage the Judge

Judges are human too, and sometimes their minds might wander involuntarily. After all, they've been sitting and listening to presentations for a while. Ask for their opinion or other questions to get them to engage in the conversation. Don't be afraid to be creative! Do something to set yourself apart from your competitors.

7. End Strong

The role-play doesn't end until you leave the room! End with a firm handshake, and then walk out with a straight back and confidence.


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