SCCC DECA Brings Joy to Local Nursing Homes

Nov 1, 2022

Contributed by Kerry Henley | Saline County Career Center DECA, MO

On October 18, 2022, Saline County Career Center DECA students were taught a lesson in community service and the importance of giving back to members of their community. During the event, DECA members participated in a pumpkin decorating contest, but it was more than just a contest. The goal of the event was to create enough decorated pumpkins to be given to local nursing home residents. Students created pumpkin designs that ranged from cats, flowers, minions and many more that would help bring a little cheer into the lives of residents at the nursing home. Saline County Career Center DECA teaches the value of community service and the satisfaction of giving. The residents of the nursing homes were very happy to receive the nicely decorated pumpkins.

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