Navigating DECA’s Competitive Events Featured Resources

Sep 1, 2023

As school kicks in, so does the DECA year! With a year full of opportunities ahead of us, it is critical to take advantage of all the resources DECA has to offer. So, go to and scroll down until you find our Featured Resources section. Then, read this quick article to understand which resources are best for you!

DECA Guide

The guide includes EVERYTHING about the DECA year.

  • Educational Initiatives
  • Calendar of Events
  • Membership Theme
  • Chapter Campaigns
  • Emerging Leaders Series
  • Scholarships + Recognition
  • DECA Challenges
  • Educational Conferences
  • School-based Enterprise
  • Competitive Events Overview
  • Competitive Events Guidelines
  • Advisor Professional Learning
  • DECA Glossary
  • Integrating Competitive Events into Curriculum
  • DECA+

Updates for 2023-2024

  • Details the new prompts for Business Operations Research, Financial Consulting, Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling and Professional Selling events.
  • Most useful for advisors and those competing in prompt-based events.

Exam Blueprint

  • Details the number of questions per instructional area for each district, association and ICDC level exam.
  • Most useful for members taking DECA tests as part of their event.

District Instructional Areas

  • Embedded within the article are the instructional areas for every roleplay event at the district level that DECA will release on September 15.
  • Most useful for members competing in series events.

Competitive Events Poster

  • A guide that walks members through choosing the category that is best for them, along with the components of each event.
  • Useful for all members.

Career Cluster Poster

  • Outlines instructional areas and career pathways to the events available in DECA.
  • Useful for advisors and all members.


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Classroom Connection

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