Introducing the 2024-2025 Collegiate DECA Executive Officer Team

Apr 23, 2024

Congratulations to the newly-elected 2024-2025 Collegiate DECA Executive Officer Team! The team is excited to represent Collegiate DECA members around the globe as they begin work on their goals and objectives for the year ahead.


Eric Bedrosian

Eric Bedrosian began his journey in DECA as a junior at Hamilton Southeastern High School. Eric would go on to compete during his junior and senior years, placing first at the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta in 2022. After experiencing the program's profound effects on him, Eric felt compelled to continue his journey in DECA through the collegiate level. During the third week of his freshman year, he founded and became the President of Butler University DECA. The program quickly grew to 103 students during its first year on campus. As President, he worked with administration and faculty to integrate DECA programming into the Lacy School of Business curriculum. In addition, he established a 30-member professional mentorship program for his chapter while raising $30,000 in one month to give chapter members an equal opportunity to compete at CICDC. Outside of DECA, Eric serves as his fraternity's Vice President of Finance, working as a campus tour guide and volunteering as a Butler University Student Foundation member.


James Rogers

James Rogers, a five-year DECA member, joined during his freshman year at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He recognized DECA's value firsthand at his initial Engage conference, swiftly taking on the role of a DECA officer for his chapter. As a UNLV Collegiate DECA officer, he prioritized expanding membership and revitalizing the chapter amid school shutdowns. Simultaneously, James actively participated in UNLV Student Government, collaborating with local government entities and contributing to community-organizing efforts in the Las Vegas Valley. Committed to fostering growth in Collegiate DECA and aiding chapters in fulfilling DECA's core mission of preparing students to be leaders and entrepreneurs, James is driven to give back after benefiting from DECA's opportunities and experiences.


Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith started her DECA journey at Perry High School, where she excelled as a co-manager of the school-based enterprise, achieving gold certification levels in both food and retail operations. Additionally, she earned her individual school-based enterprise certification and participated in the Thrive Leadership Academy at the International Career Development Conference. Transitioning to Arizona State University, Sophia immersed herself in their DECA chapter, ultimately elected chapter president in her third year, effectively tripling membership. Sophia was elected to Arizona Association President by her fourth year, facilitating four successful conferences while actively participating in international events such as Engage and the International Career Development Conference annually. Consistently earning recognition, Sophia achieved the Leadership Passport four times and clinched first place in Restaurant and Food Service Management in 2022. Beyond DECA, Sophia is committed to community service, serving as a facilitator for business classes at ASU and as a site host for Changemaker, the school's community service hub. Her dedication extends beyond the realm of DECA, enriching both her university and local communities.


Samer Youssouf

Samer Youssouf is an eight-year DECA member and a senior honors student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Despite an interest in technology and cybersecurity, DECA was his first-ever student-led organization in 2016. As a shy nerd, Samer sought to improve himself professionally and socially. He loves showing his passion and high energy to those around him, aiming to share his experiences so other students can learn and grow together, as seeing others succeed brings him joy. In his third year, Samer became the Vice President of Publicity in his high school chapter and a Nevada DECA Association Finalist the following year. He would then continue his journey in Collegiate DECA, becoming the chapter Vice President of Technology for his seventh and eighth years. In addition, Samer has attended multiple ENGAGE conferences and International Conferences, networking and collaborating with various DECA members in the high school and college divisions from Nevada to India. Outside of DECA, Samer is in two cybersecurity organizations: a co-founder of The Cyber Clinic and an officer of Layer Zero.


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