Meet 4 DECA Alumni Who Have Maximized their Momentum

Feb 7, 2022

Over its more than 75-year history, DECA has prepared more than ten million members for college and career success. Here's how DECA shaped the career paths of four alumni and advice they wish to share with current members.

Dustin Hollinger | Washington

Dustin participated in Collegiate DECA and enjoyed applying what he learned in class to competitive events. He competed at ICDC when it was hosted in Dallas and even received a job offer! Through his leadership positions, Dustin learned that leadership is defined by the actions you take to benefit others.

DECA helped him discover a passion for finance and he currently works as a commercial mortgage broker helping real estate investors acquire business and personal loans. He is still involved with DECA by volunteering as a competitive judge for local and international events. His advice for current DECA members is to “take a chance with yourself” and pursue every opportunity available.

Julio Fuentes | Texas

Julio was a DECA member throughout high school and served in many leadership roles including chapter parliamentarian and president. By taking upper-level math courses and participating in DECA, he found a passion for finance. Julio enjoys working with numbers and is still applying what he learned in DECA to his career as a certified financial manager.

Julio volunteers as a competitive event judge for DECA and is able to gain inspiration from current members. He is profoundly grateful to DECA for shaping him into the professional business leader he is today. He says, “Leaders don’t listen to the noise... they make the noise.” Through DECA he learned to believe in himself and discovered the power of aligning yourself with like-minded individuals to unlock your hidden potential.

Lindsay Joyner | Utah

Lindsay participated in DECA throughout high school and college. She enjoyed the competitions, conferences, and connections she found and she also served in many leadership positions such as chapter president, association president and Collegiate DECA Vice President. Lindsay also excelled in DECAs competitive events, earning multiple titles. Her time in DECA lead her to her career today.

Lindsay currently works as a marketing strategist for an international technology company. She has been able to utilize her DECA experiences in interviews, professional presentations and collaborative work settings.

She still participates in DECA by volunteering as a chapter advisor and serving as a mentor to students across the organization. Lindsay’s top piece of advice is to “stick with it” and remember that challenging work and preparation pay off.

Margaretta Campbell | Mississippi

Margaretta was a Collegiate DECA member involved in various leadership positions such as her chapter’s event coordinator and Mississippi Collegiate DECA Vice President. Throughout her time in DECA, she gained valuable skills in leadership, networking and organization, and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Margaretta recently graduated with a Master’s in Teaching degree and is currently applying to doctorate programs to continue her education. She is still involved with DECA by promoting and supporting students at all levels. Margaretta’s piece of advice is: “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Participate in DECA to have timeless experiences that you will cherish forever.”


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