Leadership Team Building Ideas

June 3, 2020

While social distancing, it can be difficult to connect with the members of your leadership team. However, it is vital to continue being productive and connected. We want all teams to have an extra strong start to the next school year to make up for lost activities and events. Below are my top five tips to keep the DECA spirit alive with your leadership team!

1. Weekly or Biweekly Video Calls

This may be the simplest way to connect with your leadership team. Communicate with your group and schedule times to virtually meet. I recommend Zoom, but of course, any platform can be used. These calls will allow your team to develop new ideas and create next year’s program of leadership for your chapter.

2. Spruce up Your Chapter’s Social Media

While stuck at home, work with your team to improve your social media channels. Start with the simple tasks that you may have missed over the last year. This may include a chapter logo, slogan and photos showcasing your members. I recommend utilizing Canva, a graphic design website, to make your posts stand out. This way, your leadership team can stay connected with all of your members.

3. Develop a New Event or Activity for Next Semester

To get your entire team excited for the next semester, develop a few event or activity ideas. Ask your team what they believe is missing from your chapter, and use one another’s feedback to create something new. I have listed a few ideas that you may discuss with your team!

  1. Mentoring Program - Ask members to fill out a survey consisting of their major, minor, interests, career goals, etc. Then, use the results to match local mentors to members. This can be faculty at your school or business people.
  2. Work with Other Campus Clubs - Get in contact with other clubs or organizations on campus and brainstorm events that you can co-host together. This will allow students to work with a different group and create something unique.
  3. Community Service Event - Giving back is an excellent way to help those in need, and bond your members! First, find what issues your leadership team is passionate about. Then, create an event or activity to help the agreed-upon organization.

4. Personality Quizzes

Of course, we want to be productive before the next school year, but we also want our leadership teams to bond and get to know each other. The greatest teams are close-knit, and creating personality quizzes can help groups get to know each other better. This may be used as an icebreaker at the beginning of a virtual meeting or just a fun bonding activity.

5. Desert Island

Start a meeting with this fun icebreaker! Imagine your team is stranded on an island and is only allowed to bring three items. This is a fun way to begin a meeting and get your team to know one another. I know it may seem cheesy, but a team must be comfortable with one another to be productive. I also suggest two truths and a lie and sharing a few bucket list items!


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