Kickstarting Success: Planning Your First Chapter Meeting

Aug 1, 2023

Welcome back your DECA chapter with a bang! As a new school year begins, it's time to kickstart your DECA journey by planning an engaging and impactful chapter meeting. This critical gathering sets the tone for the year ahead. Here are some essential steps to start your year and chapter meetings strong.

1. Define Meeting Objectives

Begin by clarifying the purpose of your first chapter meeting. Are you introducing new members, reviewing chapter goals or discussing upcoming events?

2. Set an Agenda

Craft a well-organized agenda outlining the topics to be covered, the time allocated for each, and who will lead each section. This will allow for a smooth flow and maximize productivity.

3. Welcome and Icebreakers

Start the meeting with a warm welcome, introducing key leaders and acknowledging the presence of all members. Icebreaker activities are excellent tools to encourage networking and create a positive atmosphere.

4. Review Chapter Information

Share essential updates like upcoming competitions, conferences or fundraising initiatives. Emphasize deadlines, eligibility requirements and any necessary registration processes.

5. Introduce Chapter Goals

Present your chapter's goals for the year, highlighting the areas you wish to focus on and the milestones you hope to achieve. Encourage members to contribute their ideas and suggestions for achieving these goals.

6. Delegate Responsibilities

Identify specific roles and responsibilities for members within your chapter. Assign individuals or committees to manage different aspects of chapter operations.

7. Networking Opportunities

Allocate time for networking activities during the meeting. Encourage members to connect and build relationships with one another. Foster an inclusive environment where members feel comfortable sharing ideas, collaborating and supporting each other.

8. Closing and Next Steps

Conclude the meeting by summarizing the key takeaways and reiterating the next steps or action items discussed. Provide clear instructions on what members should do next, such as signing up for specific events or completing necessary forms.

Planning your first chapter meeting sets the tone for a successful and impactful year. Defining objectives, setting an agenda and incorporating engaging activities create an environment conducive to growth, learning and collaboration. Remember, a well-structured and engaging meeting helps establish a strong foundation for your chapter and ensures a year of success and achievement.


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