Is Collegiate DECA Right for You?

Mar 9, 2021

Are you interested in continuing your DECA journey after high school? If so, Collegiate DECA is the organization for you!

Collegiate DECA shares many things in common with the high school division, but takes the entire experience to the next level. In Collegiate DECA, you’ll prepare for your future career. With over 230 campuses and more than 5,000 student leaders, you’ll be instantly plugged into a network that expands across the United States, Canada and beyond! 

Still not sure? Read on for top reasons to join from Collegiate DECA’s members.

“I joined for the leadership opportunities and career readiness.”

Joshua Bailey

Collegiate DECA focuses on providing real-world leadership opportunities by putting students in the driver’s seat for their chapter. It’s like owning and operating an entrepreneurial adventure on-campus as you work with a team to guide your chapter’s activities and events. You’ll quickly build your resume and gain experience to help you stand out amongst your peers.

“I joined to compete and because it gave me something to work for in the future.”

Johnny Nguyen

Just like in the high school division, one of the biggest aspects of Collegiate DECA is competition and the pursuit of DECA glass. Put your knowledge, experience and skills to the test while representing your college or university in one of nearly 30 case study and prepared business presentation competitions. Competitors have more time to prepare, utilize new and exciting technology and apply their professional experiences.

“I joined to meet like-minded individuals and learn about business.”

Justin Vogel

Through Collegiate DECA, you can develop your inner circle and be in the company of other ambitious students. Forge lifelong friendships with passionate students on your campus and across the globe. You also get the chance to network with DECA’s partners, getting you one step closer to your dream career.

“I joined to network and add to the education I receive in the classroom.”

Ryan Pogson

Through Collegiate DECA’s programs, you’ll get hands-on experiences that can’t be found in the classroom. Attend events like ENGAGE to meet industry professionals in a broad range of business-related careers. Tap into a network ready to help you gain experience, develop your professional skills and jump-start your career search. 

“I joined because of the travel opportunities. I stayed because it’s cool!”

Hugo Dunn

Like so many members, Hugo joined for the one-of-a-kind opportunities to explore. Experience business travel as you attend educational conferences and events. Discover the business, culture and lifestyle of conference host cities while making unforgettable memories.

With opportunities to compete, network, lead and travel you’ll have everything you need to stand in your future career. Collegiate DECA is your chance to prepare for your future while working alongside your new best friends on campus.

If you are interested in continuing your DECA journey at the collegiate level, ask if your future school has a chapter—or start a new one on campus! Your future is waiting.


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