How to Maximize Your District Conference Experience

Dec 6, 2021

District-level conference season is here as the first major milestone on the journey to ICDC! Check out some ways that you can maximize your momentum.

1. Network with Other Members

Take time to meet the other members in your district (sometimes known as an area or region). Your district conference is an amazing opportunity to meet new members in your area. Make sure you snag every opportunity to make quality connections with your peers and start new friendships.

2. Hone Your Competition Skills

As the first round of competition, district conferences are a great time to wow your judges. The more effort you put into your prepared event, role-play or exam, the more likely you are to walk away with valuable feedback to help you improve your skills as you prepare for your association-level conference. As a bonus, each year DECA provides the primary instructional area(s) assessed in each of the district-level scenarios to help you prepare more effectively.

3. Meet Your District Leaders

At most conferences, you will have a chance to meet your district student leaders. These individuals are responsible for serving your district and ensuring that you all have all of the necessary materials to succeed. Be sure to network with them and explore how you can get involved in other leadership positions within DECA!

Of course, be sure to utilize social media and show the world that your district is ready for your chartered associations’ career development conference!


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