How to Hack Leadership Team Building

Jun 1, 2024

It is almost summer, which means that school is out! It also means that a new officer team is beginning its term in your association or chapter. We all know that a strong team is essential to leading a group effectively. Here are three ideas for hacking leadership team building:

1. Leadership Workshops

Attend an in-person or virtual leadership workshop as a team. Learning each other's leadership styles, strengths, weaknesses and fun facts is very beneficial for your term. You can even run your own leadership workshop with your team to deep dive into each other’s personalities. Focusing on communication, problem-solving and collaboration skills will set you up for success during your term!

2. Community Service

Volunteer together! Bringing your team together to give back to your community can be an amazing way to bond with your new team. Plus, this activity is free and a great way to impact your local area or community.

3. Team Retreat

Getting out in nature is an amazing opportunity to bond with your new teammates. Team building activities, reflection sessions, morning meditation and team dinners can bring your team closer together while showing your true leadership colors.

4. Outdoor Adventure Challenges

An outdoor challenge is a more accessible alternative to the option above. A ropes course, hike, ziplining or even a bike ride is a great time to brainstorm ideas for the following year. It’s also an amazing opportunity to go outdoors this summer!

5. Group Problem-Solving

This could be anything from heading to an escape room to treasure hunts or puzzles. Any environment that fosters teamwork and critical thinking skills is a great choice. Using communication skills and debriefing how the session went afterward is also a great way to make the day impactful.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match to create the activity best suited for your team, no two teams are the same. Now that you have some ideas go forth and lead your members this year to help them #BeTheOne in DECA this school year!


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