How to Build a Resume That Will Land Your Dream Internship

Nov 3, 2021

Constructing a resume that highlights your strengths to make you stand out as the best candidate may seem challenging. Here are a few tips to make the resume-building process easier.

1. Make your resume represent you.

On every resume you build, always include your contact information, work experience, achievements and honors/awards. When including any other information or summaries, do not be afraid to let your (professional) personality shine through. Embrace your passions and make them known. Displaying your passions, when acceptable, will help you stand out and ensure you match the culture of the company.

2. Be honest with your skillset.

When constructing your resume, it is important to not only be honest with your future employer but with yourself. Lying or slightly stretching the truth to better your odds at getting a position will not work out in your favor in the long run. Even if you feel you can learn a skill, do not put a skill down that you are unable to do. It is better to have fewer skills on your resume that you bring to the potential employer.

3. Include a summary.

Often, employers do not have time to read your entire resume. Having a summary allows you to highlight your strengths and positive qualities in a way that will not be missed. Make sure your summary focuses on your work experience and skills that directly apply to your position. Even if your overall resume does not change very much for various positions, your summary can.

4. Have someone else read over your resume.

Before submitting your resume, utilize a career counselor, mentor or even a friend to review and proofread it first. Having someone give you feedback about what is or is not necessary on your resume is a significant help. When constructing a resume, it is common for an individual to get tired or overlook common mistakes. Make sure you have someone who understands the position to check your resume to provide you with the right feedback.


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