How Studying Abroad Can Help You Become an Entrepreneur

Nov 17, 2019

The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) who hosts Global Entrepreneurship Week, believes that the world needs more entrepreneurs and that diversity is what drives the innovation needed to achieve that. In order to be innovative, one has to experience more within the world. One of the best ways to attain this is to study abroad. Studying abroad has many benefits, teaches you life skills and equips you with qualities that can be found in entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of the things you can learn from studying abroad that will help with your future career aspirations:

Gain New Perspectives

This is perhaps the most notable lesson that one can attain from studying abroad. Being in a new country exposes you to many different things including people, food, cultures and ideologies. Whether you intend to or not, your horizons will be broadened. This isn’t just good for you to learn the way the world works, but it helps forge new ideas. When you return home, you’re not only left with memories, but also a deeper understanding of how things work in other parts of the world. A new, fresh perspective is what leads to innovative ideas, which is the heart of entrepreneurship. Additionally, you’ll have knowledge about one part of a larger global ecosystem which will be beneficial if you ever consider doing business internationally.

Learn to Adapt

When you study abroad, it is natural to feel out of place and homesick. You may not understand the language, the culture, and/or its norms. However, no matter the amount of discomfort, the best way to overcome it is to not stick to what you know. Studying abroad compels you to become more flexible and learn to adapt to the current situation, which is another capability necessary for a businessperson.

Take Risks

Taking the plunge to study abroad in a new territory you’re unfamiliar with is already a huge risk on its own. But exploring the culture, trying new things, and doing so unabashedly is a challenge that not many people are willing to take on. Having the boldness to venture out and experience the unknown is a significant component of studying abroad and entrepreneurship.

Find Another Way

Navigation is not my strength. Even with Google Maps and working data in hand, I will still manage to get lost when wandering. This particular trait dominated my study abroad experience and it taught me to be comfortable with exploration. I learned not to panic, be patient, and remember that there is always another way. Whether that other way is asking for help, using a new route, or adjusting your plans altogether, there is an unexplored method to overcome a problem. The same thing can be said about entrepreneurship and business. You’re going to constantly run into obstacles within your career, but the important thing is having the determination to seek out different solutions.

Create Connections

Whether you make new friends in your classes or among the locals, you will learn to collaborate with different types of people while studying abroad. Business is all about people, and studying abroad is the best way to expose yourself to distinct characters that provide you with new outlooks and lasting relationships.

If you have the opportunity to study abroad, do it! Everyone experiences studying abroad differently, but everyone gains invaluable lessons that can be applied to their career aspirations.


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