Highlights from an Unforgettable Ultimate DECA Power Trip

Nov 20, 2023

The Ultimate DECA Power Trip is an absolutely awesome conference, and this year was no exception! This past weekend, Austin, Texas, was filled with DECA members eager to learn, network, grow and lead. However, we all experienced this conference differently, so let’s hear from some inspiring members about what they were able to take away from this conference:

“My favorite part of Power Trip was experiencing the beauty of Austin, all while developing myself as a leader alongside new friends from around the world.” - Karlie Kandul, GA DECA
“What surprised me the most about Austin was just how rich the town’s history was! From the annexation of Texas to the music, everything has significance in the city!” - Aryaman Kumar, NC DECA
“My favorite part of Power Trip was dancing during DECA After Dark with the Aggie Wranglers!” - Sarah Sonny, TX DECA
“Hosting Virginia DECA’s workshop, “Do We Have A DECA Deal?” was electrifying and truly allowed members to pitch themselves.” - Damon Davis, VA DECA
“Power Trip taught me the importance of approaching unknown situations with confidence. It taught me to trust that I have all the skills I need to succeed or the ability to learn any that I am missing.” - Paulina Selicorni, FL DECA
“My experience at Power Trip’s Competitive Excellence Experience served as great practice for upcoming region and state competitions! It was great to get hands-on feedback with judges to get me back into the competition mindset.” - Bobby Gillespie, GA DECA
“I learned a LOT about current trends within the business world in the Industry Trends and Opportunities Panel. Super insightful workshop!” - Raaga Kodali, VA DECA
“I grew as a leader by understanding the perspectives of the hundreds of new people I met during this conference. I enjoyed networking and connecting with future leaders of the world!” - Eshaan Chanda, TN DECA
“Most of the workshops had networking opportunities and gave us topics to discuss that allowed me to build connections with new friends. At DECA After Dark, everyone got to hang out and dance together, which allowed me to meet new people and strengthen the friendships I had already made.” - Peighton Harak, OK DECA
“My favorite part of Power Trip was getting to meet so many new friends and see so many of my #DECABesties!” - Sara Hancock, AL DECA

As you can see, this conference has a POWERful effect on the development of our beloved emerging leaders. Next year’s Power Trip will be held in none other than the Queen City of Charlotte, North Carolina! Keep this next conference on your radar because it will surely be as great as the last.


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