Helping the Community in a Time of Need

November 16, 2020

Devontae Sisk, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater DECA

Cdeca Trick Or Can 2020 A

If there is any student organization that knows when to participate in community service, it’s DECA! One of DECA’s guiding principles is to create community-oriented leaders. Our organization has done just that in the middle of an election year, social unrest and a global pandemic.

COVID-19 has had a giant impact on all of our DECA member's lives. With the nation's eyes on our climbing positive case rates, Wisconsin Collegiate DECA members needed to figure out a way to give back in a safe, socially-distanced and impactful way. The pandemic has created a food security threat to households in Wisconsin. Food banks and pantries are experiencing challenges navigating supply and demand. Families who were at risk, are now facing tougher times as they now need to provide breakfast and lunch for their kids who are out of school.

Throughout the month of October, Wisconsin Collegiate DECA chapters participated in a state-wide drive for local pantries and distribution centers. This drive is also known as Trick-Or-Can! By the end of the month, we were able to see success with this event! Throughout the state, our chapters collected over 1,500 items and an additional $550 donation! We are proud to have been able to donate to a variety of distribution centers across Wisconsin, including The River Food Pantry, Feeding Wisconsin, Warhawk Pantry, Fox Valley Technical College Pantry and Gateway Technical College Racine Pantry.

Even with everything thrown our way in 2020, DECA's emerging leaders still find ways to support our communities!


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