Giving Back to DECA

Nov 2, 2023

Contributed by Wyatt Daly | Missouri Collegiate DECA, MO

As the President of Missouri Collegiate DECA, I recently had the privilege of attending the Missouri DECA Fall Leadership Conference, an event tailored for high school students aimed at nurturing their leadership skills and business acumen. This experience was particularly special as it allowed me to impart valuable knowledge in various domains critical for their future success.

Addressing a captive audience, I delivered a speech encompassing essential topics such as College Basics, Interview Tips and Resume Guidance. These pivotal aspects form the foundation for a successful transition from high school to college and beyond. Drawing from my journey, which began during my high school years, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction in being able to contribute back to the community through DECA. Speaking about college safety measures, interview best practices and resume crafting strategies was not just a responsibility but a rewarding opportunity to empower these aspiring young minds. Serving as a judge for the Marketing Competition was equally invigorating.

Witnessing the innovation and dedication of both novice and advanced DECA high schoolers was inspiring. It was heartening to see their passion for business, marketing and leadership, traits that undoubtedly mark them as future leaders of America. Engaging with these young minds was not only an incredible experience but a chance to cultivate and inspire the next generation of leaders. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by these students reaffirmed the significance of organizations like DECA in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. It was a momentous occasion that reinforced the importance of mentorship and community involvement in fostering the skills and confidence of our future leaders. The conference was a testament to the collective passion for learning and growth. This spirit will undoubtedly propel these students toward a successful future in the world of business and leadership.

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