5 Ways Collegiate DECA Will Take You to the Next Level

Sep 22, 2020

It's official, the school year is underway. While things will look different for all of us, there are still many ways to take yourself and your Collegiate DECA chapter to the next level!

1. Leadership Passport Program: One of the most exciting parts of every year is the feeling that comes from receiving recognition for your efforts. There's no better way to achieve this than by earning a Leadership Passport Program award. Your executive officer team has worked hard to revamp the program this year. With new virtual challenges, an in-depth rework of the tasks and categories in each award and a focus on providing members the greatest experience, this year's program is truly next level. Here is a sneak peek at some of the challenges you will find in this year's guidelines:

  • Chapter Award: Have a member of your chapter speak on a One Diamond Call about your chapter's community outreach efforts/accomplishments. (Please connect with an executive officer to set this up).
  • Individual Award: Create and submit a video that can be posted online about recruitment, fundraising, competition or a testimonial about the benefits of membership in Collegiate DECA. (Then tag @collegiatedeca).

2. DECA Connect: This year, we're launching the new DECA Connect platform to take your experience to the next level. With the ability to network and chat with leaders across the globe, access exclusive resources, join One Diamond calls and participate in a helpful discussion forum, there are many opportunities for you and your members to become involved. Your executive officer team is excited to join you on DECA Connect. Make sure your members pay dues as soon as possible so they can receive their official invite to join this brand-new platform!

3. Virtual Case Simulation: Join your fellow Collegiate DECA members in competing in the new Virtual Case Simulation hosted by Knowledge Matters. Participants will take on the role of the Marketing Vice President for the DECA Hawks professional football team in this interactive, digital simulation. Students have full control of all the team’s marketing functions and team operations. Students will work to build a winning record, good ticket prices, solid promotions and a mix of hot-selling concerts throughout the season.

4. Stock Market Game: Use this year to perfect your stock market knowledge with one of Collegiate DECA's most exciting challenges. The Stock Market Game is perfect for members who want to learn how to buy, sell and trade stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Start with a set sum of money and see how much you can make. Be the top broker in the challenge and you could get recognized at the international level!

5. Competitive Events: Do well in your chosen competition and you could be recognized on the international level! To qualify for international competition, be sure to do well at your association conferences. Your executive officer team is working hard to help better prepare you for competition though One Diamond Calls, resource guides and virtual events. We hope to see you during this year's ICDC!

I hope this guide has provided you some items that will excite your members this year. If you have any questions about any of these challenges, please reach out to your executive officer team. Together, we'll take this year to the Next Level!


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