First Impressions in 7 Seconds

Jun 23, 2021

It takes time to truly get to know someone, but first impressions determine if a person wants to spend time with you or even see you again.

People often have a precise judgment of you in the first seven seconds after meeting you.

Whether it's meeting a new person in class, a job interview or even interacting with your competitive event judge, their perception of you is often the direct result of how you project yourself.

Use these seven tips to make the most of your seven seconds!

1. Be on DECA Time

Being on "DECA time" means that you are at least 15 minutes early for a meeting, interview or even a DECA competitive event.

2. Wear Appropriate Attire

Appropriate attire symbolizes that you are prepared and ready to maximize your opportunity. Looking your best can also boost your confidence.

3. Communicate Effectively

Communicating doesn't just mean the words you say, it's about having appropriate posture, maintaining proper facial expressions and body language, and mastering your handshake or elbow bump.

4. Be Enthusiastic

Show that you are excited to be there and open to meeting new people. Smile and feed off of the other person's energy.

5. Show Confidence

Fear shows! Exuding confidence (even when you're nervous) shows that you are not afraid of a challenge.

6. Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining proper eye contact is a great way to show that you respect a person and their time.

7. Appropriate Conversation

Keeping the conversation smooth and flowing without awkward silences may seem like an art form, but the trick is to be yourself and let your personality shine through.

Use these tips effectively and you might just be able to turn seven seconds into a relationship that lasts years or even decades!


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