Employee Appreciation Day Ideas for Your SBE

Feb 26, 2021

With Employee Appreciation Day approaching on March 5, 2021, there is no better time to commend the members who make your chapter’s School-based Enterprise possible! Your SBE workers dedicate their time, energy and vision to the success of your student store. Keep reading for some creative ways to let them know their hard work is valued!

With so many schools being virtual this year, SBEs have had to get innovative with their products, promotion and delivery methods. Many chapters have created online stores, home delivery options or have used this time to prepare for when students are back on-campus. While these may sound like simple transitions, they are quite the opposite! These adaptations all require the creativity, motivation and perseverance of DECA members to make them a reality. Since a lot of their work goes on behind the scenes, it can sometimes go unrecognized.

Here is a list of ways to show just how much you appreciate your dedicated SBE employees.

Words of Gratitude

There are many ways to show appreciation that cost you nothing other than time. Take a moment to make a quick phone call or type out a message telling someone why they are important and valued. Reaching out to your employees with specific and sincere words of gratitude can truly make all the difference. Time spent expressing gratitude and lifting up others will never be time wasted.

Drive-Thru Appreciation

Looking for a contactless but meaningful approach? Your chapter officer team can mask up, get some gloves on and hand out gifts to SBE employees as they drive through. Set a specific date and time and use this idea as a way to see your staff, while keeping things fun and safe!

Wellness and Rejuvenation

It is very easy, especially for those working solely remotely, to face burnout from time to time. Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity to cut your meeting short to let everyone get some “me” time in. It has never been more important to value health—both mentally and physically. You can even use it as an opportunity to give your employees a break to serve others in need.

No matter which route you take, make sure it is one that is rewarding and meaningful. Your employees, SBE and the entire chapter will be better for it. Use #EmployeeAppreciationDay 2021 to begin making employee appreciation a new tradition for your chapter to honor every year.

What is your chapter doing to honor the employees of your SBE on March 5th?

Tag @DECAInc on your posts to let us know!


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