DECA’s Workforce Development Summit: Making a Difference

Dec 6, 2022

During DECA's Workforce Development Summit, college and career partners worked to translate key findings into actionable objectives to continue the conversation and increase industry involvement with DECA.

The workforce is at a crossroads. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find employees with 21st Century skills, let alone with the qualifications, knowledge and skills to be successful in their roles. Add to that the challenges of attracting, recruiting and training talent. These challenges have shifted the landscape, especially since the pandemic. DECA continues to be a leader in developing the next generation of the workforce. DECA’s proven method of teaching concepts in the classroom, offering programs like competitive events that challenge our members to apply their learning and hosting educational conferences to promote 21st Century skills can help drive workforce development.

College and career partners joined us for DECA’s Workforce Development Summit to learn about innovative solutions to address today’s workforce development challenges. They shared insights into real-time challenges, explored improvements to curricula and work-based experiences and discussed partnerships in our pursuit to help solve key workforce development issues.

View additional videos from the 2022 DECA Workforce Development Summit


Frank Peterson, CAE
Executive Director

Frank Peterson, CAE, is DECA's executive director. In this role, he provides direction to the organization’s strategy and operations. Under his leadership, DECA Inc. annually prepares more than 225,000 emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Frank continues to work with educational and business partners to ensure DECA’s programs are relevant in supporting workforce development and to secure funding to provide access to its members.

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