DECA SEM Spotlight: Meet Jasmine Forrestal

Feb 8, 2023

This past week, 800 DECA members gathered in Orlando, Florida, for the 2023 Sports and Entertainment Marketing Conference. Members heard from industry-leading speakers, explored Universal Orlando Resort and made the most of their experience. Sitting in the front row at each session, one attendee truly stood out... meet Jasmine Forrestal.

Jasmine is from Park Tudor High School in Indiana. Joining DECA in 2021 as a freshman, Jasmine says: “DECA has really impacted my career goals by helping me realize how much I love marketing… and discover a field of business I may want to pursue. DECA has also helped me be more confident with public speaking and has a stronger sense of logic in making business decisions.”

While at #DECASEM, Jasmine learned about various niche sports and entertainment marketing areas.

“I learned about the different career paths in the marketing field. I discovered a new area of interest in the public relations aspect of marketing that I didn’t know very much about before this conference. Additionally, many speakers talked about how important your personal branding is and finding a good work-life balance. Another common theme that I learned from all the speakers is that you are not locked into a career, job, or even a certain major in college.

They encouraged us to try new things and not pass up on an opportunity just because it was not in our original plans.” Of all the speakers, however, Jasmine truly connected with one in particular.

“My favorite speaker by far was Earnest Wiggins II. Not only did he help me to see a new perspective on life, but he was also super honest and personal with us. He allowed the crowd to really connect with him.” As an emerging leader, Jasmine took away valuable personal and career insights: “He told us that we could fail a million times, but in the end, that’s all a part of your story. He taught us that you could thrive off your mistakes and that you are the only one who lets a failure keep you down.”

At a conference with DECA Members from across the country, Jasmine made connections all over - even if networking was not at the front of her mind walking in. She says that meeting DECA Members from North Carolina and West Virginia was so exciting. She loved “seeing so many people from different states coming together.” Jasmine has a new outlook on the value of networking. Meeting the Executive Officer Team and having an in-depth conversation with the Southern Region Vice President, Hadley Brown, opened her eyes to the possibilities in DECA. Everyone has a unique leadership and academic growth story in DECA, and Jasmine enjoyed learning from many of them at SEM.

Looking forward to her years in DECA to come, Jasmine says, “My future goals in DECA are to hopefully win some DECA Glass and be the president of my chapter!” In addition to winning DECA Glass, Jasmine also looks forward to ICDC because, in her words, “My favorite ride by far was the Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal’s Island of Adventure. My adrenaline was so high from the ride’s speed and upside-down twists and turns. It was well worth the wait in line!” There are many things to look forward to at ICDC 2023 in Orlando.

DECA's Sports and Entertainment Marketing Conference was an unforgettable experience, to say the least. Thank you, Jasmine, for sharing your experience.


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