Understanding Credit Cards

Apr 1, 2023

Getting a credit card can seem magical—you can buy the things you want without needing cash. But if you don’t manage them correctly, credit cards can make your money disappear.

Tada. You just got a credit card. Better learn how it works so your money doesn't disappear. When you charge it, you're telling the credit card company to spot you. If you pay it back in full each month, they'll end it for free. But spend more than you have, and you'll rack up interest, adding on to what you already borrowed, which could mean debt. With some cards, you can earn rewards like points, miles, cash back, take your pick. And if you play your cards right and pay on time, you can turn spending into free stuff. Presto, chango.



With an understanding of money and finances, and how they work, it’s easier to make them work for you. At Fidelity, we believe everyone should know how finances fit into their life. And we’re passionate about making a difference in everything we do.

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