Collaborating with Other Chapters

Nov 17, 2021

Learning to collaborate with others is a fundamental skill that is useful in both DECA and the real world. So why not start collaborating with other chapters? By partnering with others, chapters can increase their members' skills, share best practices and better prepare for competition.

Share best practices

A great thing about collaboration is that DECA chapters can share what is working effectively and ineffectively with each other. Members have so many great ideas that could benefit other chapters, which could also help increase overall membership. If your chapter excels at fundraising, share your tips and tricks! Another chapter may be willing to share their community service secrets or strategies for earning the leadership passport.

Increase participation

Sometimes, it can be difficult for one chapter to complete a task alone; however, collaborating with others can make the task easier and smoother. A person may have the best idea in the world, but that same person may not have thought of the best way to execute the idea. That is why collaboration is important. The saying "two heads are better than one" is true in most cases. Don't limit yourself to only collaborating with other DECA chapters. You can also work with other student organizations on campus or community groups to make a bigger impact

Exchange competition advice

Collegiate DECA members can also compete with other chapters to prepare for local, association and international competitions. A chapter-to-chapter competition can be a great asset in DECA. The amount of knowledge that can come from another chapter can be very rewarding. Each chapter involved will gain valuable experience.


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