Celebrating Spooky Season: DECA Style

Oct 1, 2023

As football season starts and Iced Chai returns to the menu, it is no secret that Autumn is approaching. With this beloved season comes many things, and one to get excited about is Halloween! Incorporating seasonal events into your chapter’s planning is an easy way to engage your members and community. Continue reading for some spooky ideas on how you can say hello to Halloween within your DECA chapter.

Halloween Movie Night

Organize a Drive-In Movie for your community where you show a classic Halloween movie. You can turn this into a fundraiser for your chapter by having tickets per car. Be sure to market effectively using social media and word-of-mouth to get your whole community involved.

Trunk or Treat

Host a student Trunk or Treat with all your school’s different CTSOs and organizations. This would be a great opportunity to introduce different kinds of students to DECA while also building stronger connections with other organizations. Have each organization’s representatives set up a table so students can make new friends.

Pumpkin Painting/Carving

Plan a chapter meeting where members can form teams and compete in a pumpkin painting or carving competition. Your whole chapter can bond and create some cool pumpkins that can be submitted to the Annual DECA Pumpkin Contest!

Fall Bake Sale

Support local charitable organizations by hosting a Fall bake sale where your chapter can donate the proceeds. This can be an opportunity for service within your chapter and a way for everyone to contribute by bringing Autumn-themed baked goods.

Fall Festival

Membership recruitment doesn’t stop at the beginning of the year. Organize an open, school-wide Fall Festival that encourages potential members to have fun and learn what DECA is all about. Host fun games like corn hole or apple bobbing, and be sure to have accessible information on how to get more involved in your chapter.

Spooky Role-play Competition

Prepare for the competitive event season by having a meeting with a fun Halloween twist. Brainstorm some spooky yet challenging roleplays for your competitors to practice. From marketing a new witch’s broom to serving customers in a haunted house hotel, your members will have fun while also getting in good practice.


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