Celebrate the Good Times

Mar 9, 2021

Being a leader, it is natural to constantly be on-the-go finding new ways to innovate and new goals to accomplish. However, it is still important to recognize and reward yourself and those around you. It’s important to celebrate! 

When your chapter members experience success, what do you do? Do you share a quick “Congratulations!” and then immediately dive into the next project or task?

In our non-stop world, it’s too easy to think about what comes next and forget to reflect on what’s been achieved. But if you ignore the wins of yourself and your members, you are missing key opportunities to inspire next level success.

As your chapter moves through competition season, there will be three subsets that emerge: those who outperformed their expectations, those who performed as they expected and those who feel they underperformed. Regardless of which category they fall into, all members should be authentically celebrated for their achievements. 

While it may be easiest to celebrate those who outperformed their expectations, those who did not still deserve recognition for giving it their best effort and for the lessons they learned along the way. Take a step back and realize that just being able to compete in DECA opens up so many opportunities and learning pathways that were not present before, especially with the challenges we’ve all faced this year.

Through every success and setback you encounter, one thing should always remain consistent—to celebrate! Have a happy and healthy spring and summer season. I look forward to celebrating with you!


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