Appreciating the Unsung Heroes of DECA

Jan 1, 2024

Diving into State and Provincial Conferences, we are at the point of the year that determines if the competitive preparation we have spent months on will be enough to reach the final round.

While it’s natural to make tests, papers and presentations the most pertinent things at this time, taking the time to appreciate your chapter advisors should also be a priority. These people have fostered your love and success thus far in DECA, and their efforts may often go unnoticed, so here are some ideas to appreciate all they do for you!

Customized Chapter Gear

Design custom chapter gear like T-shirts or hats with a special message for your advisor. This could be a team slogan, a phrase representing your appreciation or simply a "Thank You, [advisor name]" print.

Chapter Potluck or Dinner

Organize a chapter potluck or dinner before the conference. This allows everyone to come together, share a meal and verbally thank your advisor.

Chapter Banner

Create a large Chapter banner with well-wishes and thanks to your advisor. Bring it on the school bus and give it to your advisor on the bus ride to the conference. It's a great way to show unity and appreciation.

Handwritten Letters

Have chapter members write a personal letter expressing gratitude to your advisor. Compile the letters in a binder or create a booklet to present as a meaningful keepsake.

Collaborative Artwork

Create a piece of artwork as a chapter, such as a painted canvas or a mural, symbolizing your collective appreciation for your advisor. Present it as a unique and creative thank-you gift they can hang up in the classroom.

Remember to focus on your advisor’s positive impact, share specific examples and express gratitude as a chapter. A combination of these ideas can make your advisor feel genuinely valued and appreciated.


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