A How To Guide for DECA Role-plays

Oct 24, 2017

Contributed by Sara Sherazi, Taylor Truman DECA

It is almost time for every DECA member’s favorite part of the year: DECA competition season!

Whether you are an experienced competitor, or if it is your first year competing, these tips and tricks will definitely wow the judges and perhaps even win you some #DECAGlass at the International Career Development Conference.

1. Be Creative

Your main goal at competition is to stand out. Think outside of the box and be different. Remember that everyone you’re competing against will have the same scenario as you, so make sure to leave a good and lasting impression.

2. Make a Roadmap

While prepping for your role-play, draw out a plan that you can refer back to when presenting to the judge(s). Use visual aids, regardless of how artistic you are, because it shows you are confident in your plan.

3. Be Confident

Being confident in your presentation can make a whole lot of difference. Try to avoid using too many “crutch words,” such as “um” or “uh;” it can give an impression that you are not fully prepared or uncertain of your plan.

4. Understand Performance Indicators

Staying organized with your performance indicators will help you with your presentation. Number them in planning and start with the biggest idea and move to the smallest one. When you discuss the performance indicators, make to sure define the term, give an example and relate it to your solution to the problem.

5. Manage Your Time

Remember that you are being timed when presenting, so use your time wisely. Make sure to cover all important factors that will help you perform well in your role-play.

I hope these tips and tricks will truly make your DECA year #Limitless!


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