A Beginner’s Guide to Freshman Year of High School

Aug 26, 2021

DECA's North Atlantic Region Vice President shares three quick tips to help you make the most of your high school experience.

1. Explore different extracurriculars and sports.

Many can agree that high school is where students will be able to explore their identity and interests. At the beginning of the school year, try to attend sports/club fairs that your school might host; if they do not have a fair, try out for a sport that you might be interested in or attend a club meeting. It is okay if you attend one time and do not have an interest in it. If your school does not have a club that you are interested in, make one! Contact your school administrator and ask them what needs to be done to create a club.

2. If an opportunity is given to you, take it!

Pay close attention to the morning announcements and emails you receive. Typically, guidance counselors will send emails regarding scholarship opportunities, summer programs, internships, career readiness programs and much more! If it suits your interests and needs, apply! This will help you in the long run and your high school career.

If your teacher offers you a suggestion to a program or nomination for an award, accept it! Teachers know what is best for their students, and most teachers love to acknowledge their students’ talents and successes for the community to see. Most of the time, your guidance counselor will not email you about the opportunities that are shared in the morning announcements, so be sure to listen!

3. High school will go by in a flash, have as much fun as you can!

If this means creating a bucket list of activities to do before graduation, create it now! There is a fine line between your academics and having fun. It would be best if you tried to make lots of memories to reflect on in the future. Do not regret what you did not do during your high school years; do what feels right! If it is a late-night drive with your best friend or having a picnic, do it! Another activity you should do is write a letter to your future self, write about your current week, your goals and what you hope to achieve by the next time you read the letter.


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