9 Reasons Why Applying Early Action Is a Smart Move

Oct 9, 2023

Being a senior in high school means you have a lot going on — and applying Early Action to colleges might feel like another task for your to-do list. But there are tons of benefits to applying Early Action, at least here at Johnson & Wales University.

Wait, what’s Early Action, and how is it different from Early Decision?

Some schools offer Early Decision, where you can apply early and find out whether you’ve been accepted earlier than most other students. The problem with Early Decision is that it’s binding, meaning you’re committed to attending that school if accepted. Early Action, on the other hand, lets you apply early to schools like JWU and find out if you’ve been accepted earlier than most other students. Your Early Action admission is non-binding, so you’re free to apply to and consider attending other schools.

If you're looking for a transformative university that offers a unique, hands-on approach to learning with proven alumni achievement, it's worth considering JWU’s Early Action plan. Here are nine reasons why Early Action is a smart move for any senior:

  1. No Fee to Apply: One of the most significant benefits of applying Early Action to JWU is that there are no fees associated with the application process. This means you can submit your application materials without worrying about additional expenses, allowing you to save your money for more important things like textbooks and student housing.
  2. Wide Variety of Majors: With more than 65 undergraduate degrees, JWU is sure to have an area of study that interests you. Whether your passion is in graphic design, psychology, culinary arts or computer science, there's a program that can help you get to where you want to go.
  3. Experiential Education: JWU has perfected experiential education, giving students opportunities for hands-on learning in real-world situations. This approach to education integrates classroom learning with practical work experience — giving you the chance to build upon your knowledge and skills with résumé-worthy experiences.
  4. Internships: Last year, JWU connected students to 874 internship sites in 43 states, allowing students to gain valuable work experience and build their résumés before graduation. 74.7% of those internships were paid, and 77.6% of students received job offers from their sites after completing their internships! No matter your major, you’ll have a chance to explore your interests while gaining valuable skills that will help you stand out to future employers.  
  5. Priority Housing: If you apply for Early Action, you'll have priority selection for on-campus housing. This means you'll have a better chance of getting the room you want and the living situation that best fits your needs.
  6. Find Out Sooner: By applying Early Action and submitting all admissions materials by our November 1 deadline, you'll get your decision by December 1 — allowing you to make your plans for the future more accurately.
  7. Non-Binding Application: As mentioned in our quick explanation above of Early Action, it’s non-binding. You can still enroll elsewhere if you change your mind and decide that JWU isn't the right fit for you after all.
  8. Visit Grant: If you visit JWU before December 31 of your senior year of high school, you're eligible for a $1,000 grant that automatically renews each year for up to $4,000. This means you can explore the campus, talk to current students and get a better sense of what it's like to attend JWU — and save money toward your JWU tuition. Plus, discover what other scholarships you could be eligible for!
  9. Relieve Stress: The question, “What comes after I graduate from high school?” makes many students anxious. When you hear from colleges earlier, you can experience much less stress during senior year — a year that should spent making memories and having fun. Applying early ensures you're not spending the entire school year worrying about college acceptance letters.

We hope these nine reasons help you during your college search and get you started on building your future. There is so much in store for you!


Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales University is internationally renowned for its strength in experiential education, and for its active engagement in DECA. We attract hundreds of high school DECA students each year who are looking to continue their affiliation in college to further their professional development, build their résumés and deepen their leadership skills.

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