5 Ways to Elevate Your End-Of-Year Chapter Banquet

Jun 2, 2023

End-of-the-Year Celebrations are always a terrific way to commemorate the accomplishments of your chapter and recognize outstanding members. Check out these 5 ways to make your chapter banquet one to remember.

1. Recognize Your Seniors

As the members who have spent the most time contributing to your chapter, recognizing seniors can be an awesome way to celebrate your year. You can post them on your chapter’s social media, provide them with senior gifts or honor their dedication and commitment by giving them a DECA graduation stole, cord or tassel - all available on Shop DECA!

2. Competitor Certificates

Creating certificates for regional and association-level competitors is a fantastic way to recognize your chapter’s success while also appreciating the efforts of your competitors. ICDC competitors can receive their Competency Award for their competitive event (found in their DECA Student Member Portal). By simply recognizing the efforts of your chapter’s competitors, you can make each individual feel special and motivate them to compete again next year!

3. Chapter Superlatives

A fun way to acknowledge the most dedicated, fashionable or funniest members of your chapter - chapter superlatives are sure to be a hit for any banquet. Create a Google Form and encourage your chapter members to vote for different superlatives, such as Most DECA-cated, SBE Employee of the Year or Best Dressed at Opening Session! Chapter superlatives are also a way to recognize members who do not compete or serve as chapter officers.

4. Advisor Recognition

Presenting your hardworking advisor(s) with a thoughtful and touching gift is a perfect way to say “Thank You” at the end of the year. Have your chapter officer team pitch in to help create a card, basket or scrapbook that celebrates your advisor(s) while also celebrating your year.

5. Year-Recap Slideshow

Saying goodbye after a successful year can be hard, but remembering all the fun activities, old friends and sweet memories can make your banquet unforgettable. Creating a slideshow or video that uses pictures submitted by chapter members is a wonderful way to highlight those memories and get some laughs. Couple it with a sentimental song, and you might even see some tears from seniors who will miss your chapter dearly.

Chapter banquets are always an exciting event to plan and execute, and by adding these 5 aspects to your celebration, you will be sure to make it shine!


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