3 Reasons to Attend One DECA Calls

Sep 1, 2023

One DECA Calls provide students opportunities to connect with a global community, gain comprehensive insights into DECA's mission and cultivate essential leadership skills for a successful future. Get excited about topics on corporate challenges, DECA Month, CTE Month, competition tips and tricks, and so much more! Calls are every first Tuesday of the month. Here are the three main reasons you should join the next One DECA call:

1. Opportunities to Connect

Joining One DECA Calls provides members with an incredible platform to connect and engage with a diverse community of like-minded individuals from across the globe. Through interactive breakout rooms and networking sessions, you'll have the chance to build valuable relationships with fellow members who share your passion for business, entrepreneurship and leadership. Participating in One DECA Calls will broaden your horizons and develop a global network.

2. Learn More About DECA

One DECA Calls offers members a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of DECA. Through informative discussions, you'll gain insights into the various aspects of DECA, including its role in shaping future business leaders, fostering community and promoting your personal and professional growth. You’ll be better equipped to make the most of your DECA journey by learning more about DECA.

3. Grow Your Leadership Skills

Joining One DECA Calls is an exceptional way to enhance your leadership skills. These calls are designed to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and provide you with practical tools and strategies to excel as a leader. Whether you're looking to lead within your local or association DECA community, in your academic pursuits, or your future career, the skills you cultivate through One DECA Calls will support you on a path to becoming a confident and effective leader.

Who's ready to Experience DECA with One DECA? See you there!

View the student video calls schedule here. If you cannot attend a call, you can view the recordings at decadirect.org.


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