12 Things To Remember When Competing In a Role-play

Feb 13, 2018

Contributed by Roheena Hasanzade, Fairfax DECA

Whether you’re about to do your first DECA role-play or you’re onto your hundredth one, they can always be nerve-racking!

Here are 12 tips to keep in mind to help you conquer your next role-play:

  1. Wear professional attire.
    It is always important to remember to wear professional business attire to competition.
  2. Show your ability to be creative.
    Remember to always have more than one idea. Exceed expectations and provide your judge with more options.
  3. Check for performance indicators.
    When preparing for your presentation, make sure to recognize what your performance indicators are.
  4. Prepare notes that prepare you to present based on performance indicators.
    Preparing notes that correspond with performance indicators will help ensure that your presentation includes those performance indicators.
  5. Use your preparation time wisely.
    You only have a limited time to prepare for your presentation, use that time wisely and prepare everything you need to present to the best of your abilities.
  6. Always greet the judge politely.
    When entering your role-play, always remember to greet your judge with a polite manner and introduce yourself.
  7. Thoroughly read the event situation.
    Thoroughly reading through the event situation will make sure you know what your role is expected to present on.
  8. Know your role in the situation.
    Knowing your role in the situation will help you present better and will let the judge know that you understand your role-play and your position.
  9. Know your judge’s role in the situation.
    Knowing your judge’s role in the situation will also help you present better and let your judge know that you understand your role-play.
  10. Be confident!
    Being confident will help you present better as well as leave a better impression on your judge.
  11. Thank the judge for his/her time.
    This will show politeness along with professionalism.
  12. Have fun!
    Don’t stress too much, this is such a great experience and you will learn so much from it.


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