10 Ways to Put the Unity in Your CommUNITY Service Campaign

Sep 30, 2016

Contributed by Tazche Turner, Virginia DECA

Community service is an amazing experience that allows us to leave our mark on the world, but getting other high school students involved can sometimes be difficult.

Here are some tips to have the best Community Service Campaign yet:

  1. Make it simple. Sometimes the smallest campaigns make the largest impact.
  2. Make it personal. Find an organization that many students have a connection to such as the military.
  3. Make it convenient. We all have busy schedules; integrate your community service project into the classroom. That way everyone has a chance to participate.
  4. Make it unique. Go the extra mile with your campaign; instead of doing just donating canned goods attach personalized letters or inspiring quotes.
  5. Make it a competition. Students love to compete with each other; making your campaign a competition will only raise more awareness for your cause.
  6. Make it worthwhile. Incentivize students with community service hours and leadership positions. Both are required to be competitive college applicants!
  7. Make it educational. Take the time to explain the charity you will work with. Students will be more likely to participate if they understand the cause.
  8. Make it known. Advertise your campaign using all forms of social media, distribute flyers to teachers and around the halls, and develop announcements advertising the campaign.
  9. Make it count. Big or small community service makes a huge impact on the community. How will your community service campaign impact your community? What is the best way to serve your community?
  10. Make it fun. The best community service campaigns are the ones where volunteers do not want to stop. Get the whole community involved and have a ball helping others!

I hope these tips help you and your chapter to have the most impactful community service campaign yet!!


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