4 Excellent Study Resources to Use for the DECA Exam

With regional conferences coming up right after winter break, it is important for members to start practicing for their exams.

The exams usually count as half of your final score, which means they are a vital part of your overall performance. The key to success on these exams is PRACTICE!

Here are some helpful resources that you can utilize as you work toward success!

1. Sample Exams

The best way to study for DECA exams is to take past exams to figure out exactly what to expect on test day. Under “Competitive Events” on deca.org, there is a sample exam attached to every event that includes one. Be sure to take this test for it is usually the one that was given the previous year, making it the most up-to-date and valuable source of study.

Sit down, concentrate, and give yourself an hour to actually tackle the exam and see how you would do. The sample exams always comes with an answer key that has explanations explaining why one answer was correct and the other three were not. If you search for sample exams on Google, you will also come across many old exams that are great for studying. Take as many tests as you can and aim to raise your score each time and learn from your mistakes!


2. DECA Terms Sets on Quizlet

Many DECA members have created DECA vocabulary sets on Quizlet that are open to the public. You can use these to study important terms that may appear on the exam, giving you a broader understanding of the targeted area.

3. Your DECA Advisors

Your DECA advisors are always there to help you in preparing for competition. If there are any terms you don’t understand or concepts you need clarification on, go ask your advisors and I am sure they would be more than willing to help.

4. Create Your Own Notes & Flashcards

During your business classes, or while taking sample exams, try to jot down important notes and details that relate to your testing area, and study them on your own. Making your own notes helps you remember key ideas better because the process of writing them down will help reinforce the concepts.

I wish you all luck on your exams, please use these resources to maximize your scores!

SMC_Bayley_WivellThis article was written by Pittsford Mendon DECA Vice President of Marketing, Bayley Wivell. You can follow Bayley on Twitter @bayley628.

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