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DECA’s Social Media Correspondent Program is an invitation for you to be part of DECA Direct’s conversation and an opportunity to be part of our global community.

We know that the DECA universe is full of interesting people doing fascinating things. This is our opportunity to hear from you – in your voice – and your opportunity to share your awesome ideas with the DECA world.

Who can be a social media correspondent?

We’re looking for social media correspondents from all of our reader groups—student members, advisors, business partners, alumni. We encourage each chapter and association to appoint a social media correspondent—perhaps your vice president of communications. Members must have permission of their chapter advisor.

What are the benefits of serving as a social media correspondent?

Being a social media correspondent gives you the ability to shine a global spotlight on your chapter or association’s best practices, accomplishments, activities, events and more. It’s like free publicity for your chapter! Not only will our 220,000 readers see your chapter or association’s awesome work, but will also be able to connect with you on social media, further boosting your online presence.

Plus, your articles and correspondent activities provide excellent experiences that you can add onto your professional resume, college applications and even your LinkedIn profile! 

What is the role of a social media correspondent?

It’s simple. We are looking for social media correspondents to do two things.

#1 Tell us a story in a short article, similar to a blog post. Suggested topics include chapter happenings, how your chapter conducted a successful fundraiser, secrets to membership recruitment, advocacy activities, outstanding local partnerships with businesses and so much more! You’ll submit these to our DECA Direct communications manager for review, editing and posting. Supporting photos are encouraged. Social media correspondents are expected to contribute at least one article per month.

#2 Share DECA news through your own social media outlets. You are encouraged to RT our tweets, share our Facebook stories and always promote your own articles!

Get started today by applying at the link below. If you have any questions about being a DECA Direct Online Social Media Correspondent, please contact Janelle Arrighi at

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